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Imagine having to bake without the help of modern kitchen gadgets. Simple ingredients took hours to prepare. Research for Shortbread Cookie Princess introduced me to handsome men in kilts and a whole new world of kitchen gadgets. The beater in the photo inspired an important scene. Sophia is reluctant to learn about her ancestors.

“Not only a name, but a patent date, too.” She read the inscription out loud. “Dover Eggbeater, Pat. May 31, 1870.”

“I guess that’s how they did things back then,” Alana said.

“That’s the year Marjorie started the bakery.” Sophia stared out the front window toward the bakery truck parked at the curb. “It’s too much of an eerie coincidence.” Surrounded by modern appliances and stainless steel counters and sinks, she felt a strange sense of wistfulness. Marjorie’s laborious day of mixing and baking started hours before Sophia turned on her ovens. What did the kitchen look like back then? Did she use a butter churn, cast iron cookware, and dense wooden utensils? She dropped the beater back in the box and stepped away.

“Do you remember what Hot Scot said about the tartan the first day we met him?” Alana asked.

“Something about how seemingly meaningless things found in a closet or attic could have historic value.” Sophia never cared about the tartan the way Ian did, but she was beginning to believe every old thing had a story to tell. She just wasn’t sure she wanted to hear it.”

Excerpt From: Zelda Benjamin. “Shortbread Cookie Princess.” iBooks.

I will admit I love my Kitchen Aid. I can't image baking from scratch without it. However, I like a hand mixer for smaller task. They're easier to clean and put away.

What's your favorite kitchen gadget?

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Happy baking.


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