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Each book in the Love by Chocolate series can be read alone, but if you read each one you'll be surprised by the appearance of old familiar friends. Writing a series gives me the chance to share secrets with my readers. 

Chocolate Couture- Ind'tale Crowned Heart Winner

HEARTS MELT and EMOTIONS SIZZLE when the Queen of Cakes clashes with the King of Burgers and Fries! 


Lily Peradou is named in a property inheritance case, and is forced to fight the accusation that her chocolate cherry cordial cakes had undue influence over the late dress designer, Sally James. Suddenly, Lily’s vision of being a top notch pastry chef starts to crumble. 


Noah Adler, the owner of the new restaurant on the block may be smart and deliciously sexy in his cowboy boots and chef’s jacket, but he’s also full of secrets about his past. 


A battle begins for the vacant store between his and Lily’s businesses, which is vital to Lily’s expansion. Noah offers to help Lily, but his assistance comes with a price. Can Lily trust a chef who doesn’t have dessert on the menu? 



Chocolate Muse


Pastry chef Maddie Higgins is horrified when her prize-winning torta di chocolate gets a bad review. Choking critics is never a good thing, and she loses her job before the scathing article hits the morning paper.

Forced to take a job in a friend's bakery and teach a children's evening class to make ends meet, she vows vengeance on the man responsible for her damaged reputation. But when she realizes that the father of two of her students is her nemesis, the charming food writer Brad Angelo, her anger deflates faster than an overcooked souffle.


Brad, a single father struggling to balance parenting and his syndicated food column, is completely clueless about the trouble he's caused Maddie. He finds her evasive attitude and chocolate talent to be intriguing parts of her allure, but isn't sure he s ready to create a life that might be messier than melted chocolate when their secrets are slowly revealed.

Chocolate Magic

Chloe Brandeau, a magical chocolatier struggles to maintain normalcy in her world that suddenly turned upside down with the inheritance of her aunt's run down apartment building.

When a friend insists that having a man in her life could help, Chloe goes on a series of outrageous dates. Along comes Ethan Behar, a master of acquisitions with no time for trivial pleasures such as chocolate. Ethan makes an offer for Chloe's building, but ends up bidding for the one thing not on the market -- Chloe's heart.



Chocolate Secrets


​When the Martinelli family chocolate shop display goes up in flames at a Brooklyn street fair, fate throws Alex Martinelli and Mike Simone together. Alex, an ER nurse with a passion for reading her daily horoscope, has several valid reasons not to get involved with Mike, an NYC firefighter.

An alliance between a true water sign and a man whose element is ruled by fire makes them an unlikely couple. Even worse is his connection to the man who stole her grandfather's secret chocolate recipe.

But the sexy hero always seems to show up when she needs him most. In return for his heroism, Mike only wants two things from Alex: a chance to prove he is her soulmate and her grandfather's secret chocolate recipe. In his quest to get the recipe and win the city-wide bake-off, Mike puts his relationship with Alex at risk. Alex tries to deny her destiny, but Mike is determined to melt her heart.



Brooklyn Ballerina

When prima ballerina Rebecca Carr returns to her old Brooklyn neighborhood, she finds her former dance instructor in serious financial trouble. Rebecca will do whatever is necessary to help save her old school. Even if it means accepting help from a man who doesn¹t know a toe shoe from a tutu.


Jake Fleichman has the street smarts and financial savvy to rescue Miss Lilliana¹s school from the brink of ruin. He first meets the beautiful ballerina when he helps his grandmother out at her bakery and takes her order. To Rebecca¹s surprise, Jake is actually a famous New York chef, and the slim ballerina is soon swept up into the glamorous world of fine cuisine while helping him plan a fundraiser banquet.

Thrown into Jake¹s world of zany sous chefs, nosy relatives, and a group of well meaning Brooklyn matchmakers, Rebecca learns there is life outside the ballet and that falling isn¹t so bad when you¹re in love.

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